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Sugar Loaf with Visor

(c. Mid 14th Century)

Finished Dec. 27, 2013

Made from 0.083" 1050 Carbon Steel and Heat Treated to a Rc43 hardness
(Quenched at 1600F/871C, Tempered at 650F/343C for 30 minutes).

Construction Photos

Before Heat Treating:

After heating to 1600F/871C and quenching in water:

After tempering at 650F/343C for 30 minutes:


CAD DXF file of the pattern for the ACL/BotN version of this Visored Sugarloaf Helm. You can use this file to machine cut the metal plates.

sugarloaf_top.dxf    sugarloaf_lower_plates_L.dxf    sugarloaf_cross.dxf

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