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Early 15th Century Italian Body Armour

        This is based on the statue of 'Orlando' in Dubrovnik by Bonino of Milan from 1413. A picture of the statue can be seen in The Venetian Empire, 1200-1670 (Men-at-Arms Series, Volume 210) by David Nicolle, Christopher Rothero (Illustrator); 48 pages; Paperback (July 1989) Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0850458994 . Note that I omitted what I believe to have been decorative brass bands at the top edge of the three lames.
        You can also see a similar effigy on the Tomb of Giovanni Cose of Naples from 1418 in the Louvre. A picture of this appears in "The Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie with notes on the evolution of Italian armour during the 15th century." by James G. Mann printed in "Archaeologia" Journal of The Society of Antiquaries of London 1930 Vol.80 pages 117-142. The picture is Figure 2 on Plate XXIII.
       The armour is sized for someone between who's height is 5'8"/172cm to 6'2"/188cm and who's weight is 200lbs./91kg to 225lbs./102Kg.
       This is made from 0.035"/20ga/0.9mm 1050 Spring Steel which was been heated to 1600F/871C and quenched in water, tempered for 30 minutes at 650F/343C, and had four of coats of raw linseed oil burned/baked on at 600F/315F for 15 minute per coat. From what I've seen the plates should resist denting as well as unhardened steel 1.8 times the thickness.

Latest Patterns as of March 08, 2013

This is the CAD DXF file for the plates. You can use this file to machine cut the metal plates.

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