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Skydiving Pictures

Last Changed:  Oct. 5, 2008

Skydiving Links/Photos
(I have made 1096 skydives so far)

World Freefall Convention in 2000
A group of us about to get in a B-17 at WFFC2000A closeup of me in front of the B-17CRW at WFFC 2000CRW at WFFC 2000CRW group photo at WFFC 2000Me under canopy at WFFC 2000

World Freefall Convention in 2001
I'm the with the yellow and purple canopy

Canopy Formation at Skydive Pepperell Aug. 25, 2001
New England CRW Record 2001 14-wayNew England CRW record 2001 group photo

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