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Splint Legs

       The cuisse and greave shells are 6oz. buffalo leather The splints are made from 0.031"/21ga./0.8mm full hard 301 stainless steel. I would recommend is 0.040"/20ga./0.9mm for the three front splints on each greave and for the middle half of the cuisse splints. The couters / knee cops are made from 0.050"/18ga./1.3mm 17-7ph stainless steel that has been heat treated to a TH1100 condition. The holes in the plate pattern are designed for 12 guage copper roofing nails. I do NOT recommend using stainless steel nails. If you have to recover the armour they will be too difficult to remove.
       The legs are sized for someone between who's height is 5'10"/173cm to 6'1"/183cm and who's weight is 200lbs./82kg to 240lbs./100Kg.

Latest Patterns as of Feb 14, 2015

CAD DXF files of the patterns for the plates. You can use this file to machine cut the metal plates.

CAD DXF files of the patterns for the leather and fabric shell panels. You can use this file to machine cut templates for the panels.

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