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Mid 14th Century German Splint Arm Armour

Completed December 11, 2017

       The couters / elbow cops and the outside splints are made from 0.040"/19ga./1.0mm 4130 steel. The inside splints are made from 0.032"/21ga/0.8mm 4130 steel. The plates were heat treated to a Rc48 hardness by heating them to 930C/1706F and quenching them in water. The plates are then tempered at 260C/500F for 1 hour. From what I've seen the plates should resist denting as well as unhardened mild steel at least 3 times their thickness.

Latest Patterns as of December 11, 2017

CAD DXF file of the patterns for the plates. You can use this file to machine cut the metal plates.


Work In Progress Photos

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