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Conical Helmet
(10th - 13th century)

Conical Helmet (10th - 13th century)


Conical Pattern part 1Conical Pattern part 2

I would build this helmet in the following order:

1)   Cut out the two halves of the helmet plus the nasal and a 5/16" wide rib stop (the band that goes around the bottom edge).
2)   Dish and shape the top halves.  (Read the FAQ for instructions on dishing this type of top)
3)   Weld the top halves together.
4)   Grind weld flush on the outside and cleanup weld on the inside if needed.
5)   Finish the bottom edge and polish the helmet.
6)   Punch the mounting holes in the nasal and rib stop then finish all the edges on them  and polish them.
7)   Rivet the nasal onto the helmet and then the rib stop.

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