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Case Greaves (14th-15th Century)

Finished April 28, 2014

      These case greaves are sized for me. I'm 5'10"/178cm in height and my weight is 225lbs./102kg.
      They are made from 0.032"/21ga/0.8mm 4130 steel. The plates were heat treated to a Rc48 hardness by heating them to 1650F/899C then quenching them in water followed by a 500F/260C 30 minute tempering step. From what I've seen the plates should resist denting as well as unhardened mild steel 3 times the thickness.
      The plates have been blackening with Sculpt Nouveau Black Magic Patina.

Latest Patterns

CAD DXF file of the size medium spaulders pattern. You can use this file to machine cut the metal plates.

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